Who are they, this Cult of Male

Well, they are not Papuan. None of them, says my friend who says he is one of them. He is not Papuan. I do not know on what passport he travels. Certainly not Papuan.

He says, they are many. Lawyers, physicians, business tycoons, politicians, "writers like you"...

These were his words. How did he know I am a writer. I told him I am interested in ethnobotany. I absolutely never tell anybody that I write. They don't like this profession in many countries. Not in countries I travel to. Except Papua New Guinea. Even Indonesia, even though now democratic, they don't want writers to go to the Indonesian half of the island.

So, how this guy knows who I am? If I would have met him in Indonesian Papua, I would probably not have thought of them as a cult, but something even more sinister: a Gestapo.

So, the members of the Cult of Male are lawyers, physicians, business tycoons, politicians, writers...

"Any ordinary guys?" I ask him.

His answer: "Even if you were an ordinary guy at the time you join us, you would not be an ordinary guy much longer. Because our knowledge is the key to be on top."

But before being a member and having access, I would have to prove my worthiness. How?

"Haha, just wait!"


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